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Primary School

Inspiring achievement, a love of life and learning for all

Year 6

KS2 Assembly

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In Year 6 our main Summer Term project is all about ‘The Ancient Greeks’.

We usually learn about:


  • Where Greece is located in the World and identify the weather and the landscape. Locate the rivers, major cities, neighbouring countries, tourism.
  • Place the Ancient Greek era on a timeline. When did they live?
  • How was Ancient Greece organised? Look at the similarities and difference between Sparta and Athens.  Identify that Sparta was famous for its tough soldiers and that Athens was famous for its arts and thinking. Who would you rather be? Discuss democracies.
  • Everyday life for the Ancient Greeks eg. the houses, slave labour, food and farming, shopping, trading, pots, education, clothes, jewellery, childhood games, the army.
  • Ancient Greek theatre
  • The Olympics
  • Greek Gods and The Parthenon
  • Ancient Greek architecture
  • Famous Ancient Greeks eg. Alexander the Great, Archimedes (mathematician) , The Ancient Greek Philosophers – Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras,
  • The Greek myths – fab!


Here are some ideas of activities you could do if you wanted to learn about this at home:


  • Modern day Greece. Look at Google maps and locate Greece. Research into the weather, population, land use, rivers, mountains, how many islands etc.
  • Research into the Ancient Greek Gods – who were they? What were their powers? How were they related?  Make up a new God . Make Top Trump cards.
  • Draw or paint a Greek vase
  • Make an Ancient Greek theatre mask out of paper or playdough
  • Read the Ancient Greek myths eg. The Trojan Horse, Pandora’s Box, Theseus and the Minotaur, Icarus. Write a play and perform it to your family. Better still, persuade your family to participate. Have a go at filming yourselves!
  • Build a Parthenon out of cardboard. Get as many people in your family to build one. Who can make the tallest and most stable?
  • Write your name using the Ancient Greek alphabet. Produce a book mark.

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